As we continue to strengthen our next generation
membership, we believe it is critical to work alongside
the growing, local business community. We kicked off
the Friends of the Knights program as a way to build
awareness of our civic and charitable duties within the
community and start to build long-term relationships with the businesses.
Many of them have offered our current membership
discounts, which also serve as recruitment incentives
for future growth. These businesses also contributed to
the Venice Auction and the Knights @ Gilgo, along with
commitments to remain engaged for future charitable
events, we either sponsor or co-sponsor together.
We can serve as branding agents for their business as
well. We ask you, as loyal members, to continue and
take advantage of their discounts and show them
loyalty as they have shown to us, without hesitation.
Monthly Member Dinners. Are you interested?
We would like to start a monthly dinner night at each of
the participating restaurants from the below list.
Please reach out to Brother Patrick Corcoran: 631 478
2325 or if you’re