Council Officers
Grand Knight – Stephen Strigaro

Recorder – James Nevins, PGK,FD
Deputy Grand Knight – Tom Romano, PGK, FDD, PFN, PCC

Warden – Carl Zoccali
Chancellor – Patrick Corcoran

Inside Guard – Alex Keller
Treasurer – Joe Perullo

Outside Guard – Paul Litrenta
Alt. Outside Guard – Giuseppe Capobianco
Advocate – Vinny Ayers, PGK

Trustee, 3 years -John Reynolds PGK
Trustee, 2 years remaining – Kevin Sabella

Delegates to the Suffolk Chapter
Grand Knight Elect Charlie Shami, PGK
Deputy Grand Knight Elect Philip Renna, PGK
Chancellor Elect Mike Hearney, PGK, FDD

Delegates to Suffolk Conference and New York State Convention
Grand Knight Elect Alt. to Grand Knight Phil Renna, PGK, FDD
Past Grand Knight Charlie Shami, PGK, DD Alt. to Past Grand Knight Mike Hearney, PGK, FDD

Board of Directors: Three Year Terms
Jim Barthelmes and Alex Keller